Planning for the new year

As I reflect on conversations I have had with staff members, books I am reading, and leadership blogs I visited. I have decided to lead with 4 focus areas as a foundation for staff development this year: Communication, Collaboration, Clarity, and Coherence.

Below is the latest book I am reading by Dufour and Fullan. I highly recommend it as it provides critical information on each page for developing and sustaining a healthy and positive school culture! I love what I am learning! #SAVMP



3 thoughts on “Planning for the new year

  1. Natalie, summer is a great time for principals to reflect on the past year and to start planning for the upcoming year. Contrary to what others may think, we continue to work during the summer as we plan the best way to share our goals for the school years. Your 4 C’s will be your compass and help you in your decision-making process. Do you plan to share it with your faculty?

    Thank you for sharing the book. DuFour and Fullan are widely respected in educational leadership, and hopefully, you’ll be able to incorporate some of their ideas at your school.

    By the way, when does school begin for you?


      • Natalie, what a great way to keep all of your school-focused goals in one place! I love that idea of using for that purpose; in fact, I think I’ll use your idea for our school. We have an accreditation visit in spring 2015, and we’re gearing up by using technology to save our evidences (no more bulky binders and evidence boxes!).

        Thank you for sharing your link . . . see, we’re learning from each other!

        Keep in touch,

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