Catching Up…#SAVMP

I have found myself finally catching up today…I have had the opportunity to catch up on professional posts and reading the #SAVMP page.  Many of the posts I read were focused on effective communication with staff and families. As I reflect on my first full month of my principalship, communication has been my central focus. What is the best way to communicate?

I found that social media has been very effective to communicate events and happenings around the school.  However, the  best way to communicate has been to be an active listener… The following post from ALL THINGS PLC by Solution Tree summarizes key factors about being an effective listener: Communication truly starts by listening. Reflecting on the events during my first month as a principal, listening has been the most significant factor in decision making, having critical conversations, and professional development.  There is so much to learn and do well…so I better keep listening. 🙂


One thought on “Catching Up…#SAVMP

  1. Hello,
    Its good to see your current school year is progressing well. I agree that communication is an essential component as an administrator. It seems that we are the bridges between the staff, students, parents, school board executive, etc. This is not an easy task with the diverse nature of these groups of people. As I am new to the admin. world this is one part of the job I am getting used to. I agree with your comment that “being an active listener” is a vital to being successful. With my school only having 35ish students I have very close connections with many of the parents. For example I have 10-15 parents that I text on a daily basis because this is the only way to communicate with them. I also try to use the school website as another means of communication. I look forward to reading your future posts. Have a great week!!!

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