Aligning Priorities: Collaboration #SAVMP

A couple of weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to travel with 8 administrators in Big Blue for a Solution Tree Professional Learning Community (PLC) conference.


Reflecting on the #SAVMP posts I have missed over the last three weeks, my learning from the leaders at Solution Tree related to each of them:

  • It is a priority to involve a parents and find outside of the box ways to do this.
  • Staff Development:  Find ways to work individually with staff members to increase learning.
  • What is school for?  What does this mean to our school?

All of these ideas were shared as essential areas of focus to increase student achievement.  When I reflect on how I am incorporating all of this into my school, I lean on developing effective Professional Learning Communities. When we Collaborate to increase parent involvement, emphasize the focus on staff professional development, and create our definition and desired outcomes for school, powerful learning occurs for all: students, families, and teachers.

To share my learning with my staff, I created  a Prezi:

IMG_2152 IMG_2167

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