Handwritten Communication #SAVMP

Image This week it was suggested by #SAVMP that our blog post is focused around our communication essentials. As I reflect on how I communicate with my school community, I get excited by the techie tools I use: Facebook, Remind 101, Instagram, our school website, and twitter.  It is fun to share consistent positive communication on a daily basis while ultimately building a welcoming school culture.   However, after reading a great post from Connected Principals by Amber Teamann, I am trying to also focus on less techie methods for communication and become more intentional with meaningful handwritten notes.  Over the years after I have sent post cards or letters to students, many of them (or their parents) have shared how much they loved receiving my snail mail. As a parent, my own children get so excited to receive mail from their teachers. Seeing their reactions has increased my motivation to focus on slowing down my communication and take the time to write an encouraging note or letter to staff members, students, and parents.

How will I keep track? I think I will use my Erin Condren Life Planner! Thank you to Melinda Miller for leading me to this fantastic tool!


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