Reflection, Renewal, Refocus…2015

Twenty years ago this week I stepped into my first classroom.  The learning goal was to apply what I had learned in my undergraduate classes and mini teaching experiences. I was nervous, excited, and ready! The framework for my learning and leading students then and now are still the same: collaboration and commitment.  I was committed to learning as much as possible through the collaboration with my supervising teacher.  I loved working as a team and experiencing the excitement of learning through the eyes and the hearts of our students.

As I begin 2015, I feel that same passion for learning and leading.  I am grateful for the Hedges team and mentors I collaborate with now and equally as thankful for teams of educators and mentors I have learned with in the past.

When we have time to collaborate, we become lifelong learners, instructional practices improve, and together we can ultimately increase student achievement for our students.
-Carroll et. al, 2010

Reflecting on my current and past experiences, I am ignited with continued excitement to collaborate with teams of educators as together we will invest in students’ lives to team with them to reach high levels of learning beyond expectations!  Follow me in 2015 as I share this empowering learning journey.


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