High Trust Leadership: A Postive Paradigm Shift

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Denny McLoughlin’s High Trust Leadership training.  To say the least, the two days were entertaining, inspiring, and motivating… a positive paradigm shift. There were so many concepts taught and lessons learned that I will have to attend the training again to retain it all.  Below are just a few thoughts that have resonated with my leadership as a parent and as an elementary principal.

  • Everyone is motivated by their own ARFF
    • Achievement
    • Respect
    • Fun
    • Freedom
  • Students always come into school with success
  • Every time a student makes a mistake, we have the opportunity to teach…not punish
  • Teach students how to talk to each other
  • Modeling is teaching; telling is zero
  • Questions develop thinking; telling does nothing
  • Kids are on their way to more success
  • We have to choose to be positive and choose to go to solution
  • Healthy people go to solution, unhealthy people go to the problem
  • Put your energy and focus into the solution

This training was timely as our school is working on our vision statement.  We are still in the draft stage; however, I believe we are on the right path:

Our vision is to be a contagiously positive, collaborative, and mission-focused environment that engages in staff, student, and family relationships.  Together we uniquely lead all students to achieve high levels of learning beyond expectations.


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