Fearless #L2ipa

Fearless = Brave * Bold * Courageous

Working with fearless educators is empowering! I joined Twitter in 2009; however, for years I had no idea how to interact with it. I would login and read a few posts from time to time and then logout unchanged. Fast forward a few years, I observed my very connected friend, Dani Burtsfield, learn and implement incredible instructional routines. As I passed her classroom,  I continued to ask, “Where did you learn this?” She would explain that all of her new learning came from her PLN and she encouraged me to dust off my unused and disengaged Twitter account and join the #G2Great Twitter Chat while at the same time she was persistent that I create a Voxer account. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and fearful of the unknown.

Take a minute to foresee the learning possibilities.

This is where I had to take a minute and breath, knowing this learning investment would truly benefit my students. Modeling her fearless process of connecting through Twitter and Voxer, I jumped in and I am forever grateful! I learned so much from educators across the world and had the opportunity to reach out to amazing leaders who walked me through innovative implementations throughout my school. However, when I moved from Montana to Texas in July 2017, I let the transition get the best of me and I have not been as connected.

Continue to stretch your learning and fearlessly reignite learning connections.

This post idea came from much need reflection on what I would like to see stop in education. My friend and Digital Learning Coach, Sarah Fromhold, has modeled unbelievable leadership. Her passion for learning and doing what is truly best for our students inspired me to reignite my PLN.  With her leading the way, I joined the Voxer group StopRightNow39. This encouraging group of educators are reading and discussing the book: Stop. Right. Now. The 39 Stops to Making Schools Better by Jimmy Casas and Jeffrey Zoul. Just listening this week, I have new perspectives on topics I never considered thinking about or changing for the better.

Fearless learning leads to collaborative innovation.

Because of Sarah’s leadership and encouragement, many of our team members at our school are fearlessly joining in on this learning journey; and with one Voxer conversation, Dani is a part of the group as well! During her last vox, she said, “What do you think about teaching some of your teachers how to participate in a Twitter Chat?”

The powerful learning journey continues.


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