Team Elliott Student Leaders

The above Elliott Learning Leaders led our entire school district in reciting our pledges. @elliottlearners See it through Cameron’s World

Inspiration was felt in full force this week! As our team embraced the start of  the 2019-20 school year, we have been filled with excitement and energy. On Friday, Eric Sheninger was our speaker at our #FISDconvocation2019. His incredible message to me was clear:
-continue to build meaningful relationships,
-be sure you know your why,
-prepare our students for anything, and
-share your story.

Every day, in every one of your schools, great things are happening. How does your community know? @thomasmurray & @e_shenineger

Our vision at Elliott Elementary is… Our intentionally collaborative team:
-seeks first to understand,
-partners with families,
-frequently communicates student progress, and
-believes we can lead each student to meet or exceed grade level standards and close achievement gaps in literacy, math, and science.

With Meet the Teacher Night quickly approaching, we are beginning our family partnerships by creating a warm and welcoming environment for our community!

We are a team who is committed to bringing our vision to life and reaching our mission which is: Our Elliott community celebrates and empowers ALL children – who they are and who they will become.

We can’t wait to to have our building buzzing with student learning in just a few days!

Thank you, Eric Sheninger for starting our year off with great motivation! My virtual mentor, Jan Iwase , was right in sharing your innovative work with me when I began my principalship!
Convocation Speaker

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