I Am A Reader

The principal that I have always wanted to be… Inspire our students to feel excited about becoming readers and writers, support teachers in creating a language rich environment where students are intrinsically motivated to read, write, and share!

In my seventh year as an elementary principal, my idealistic view of the principalship is quickly coming to a reality! Early in my career as an educator, my training and graduate work was focused in the area of reading instruction. I was empowered by the implementation of specific instructional routines that frequently led to quotes similar to,

“Mrs. Miller…listen to this! I can read!”

Like is was just yesterday, I can still hear those words and feel the exhilaration of listening to my students read. As teachers share the experience of students embracing the feeling of knowing and performing as readers, they are brought to tears of true happiness.  This is the best job in the world! Each day we have the opportunity to lead and celebrate our students to believe in themselves as readers.

After attending Grade Level Collaboratives led by our @ci_elem department and a Reading & Writing Workshop training led by Johnathan from @TCRWP, I see a bright intentional pathway to be the principal that I always wanted to be. I am learning more about the components of the workshop, how to help students see themselves in the books they read, and how to support and celebrate our incredible teachers so they can consistently share the authentic happiness our students own when they see themselves as readers. Thank you @ci_elem and @TCRWP! Below are just a few photos of our readers!


A New Literacy Journey

A Literacy Journey

The empowering journey of reviewing ELA materials has begun! Our district is in the process of a new adoption and pretty  literacy materials alongside the integration of amazing new technology can initially sway my opinion. While new materials were shared last week, I was focused on how I could fit instructional materials and foundations into my current literacy values.  Hence, it was time for a paradigm shift!

After listening to significant guiding thoughts from our Instructional Coach, Dani Burtsfield, in collaboration with Dr. Mary Howard, it is essential to reflect on what we value and what we do not value in literacy instruction before we begin to review and purchase instructional materials. It seemed so obvious when I type it… however, I completely missed it. The photo above includes materials that have been graciously shared by authentic literacy loving colleagues in our district. I asked to borrow these after I reflected on my own instructional literacy values.

  1. Formative assessment guides the intentional, explicit, and systematic instruction of:
    1. Phonemic Awareness
    2. Phonics/Spelling
    3. Vocabulary
    4. Fluency
    5. Comprehension
  2. Intentional and explicit strategy instruction and practice
  3. Rich literature continuously in the hands of students
  4. Interactive read alouds shared by students and teachers
  5. Consistent differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners
  6. Guided writing instruction, practice, and presentation
  7. Reading is writing and writing is reading

OK! Now, I am ready to proceed with the ELA material review! 🙂