Rise Up!

Scroll, scroll, scroll, pause… scroll, scroll, and pause again- Two photos that might seem ordinary made me stop and reflect on simple yet incredible happenings at our school. Ultimately, these photos brought this thought to my mind.

Leaders rise above to consistently do what is best for kids!

Last Friday, suspicious smoke was spotted in a classroom. In response, our staff and 600 students evacuated our building onto the wet field across our parking lot. As it began to rain, our team patiently waited for the fire department to complete a thorough investigation. Thankfully, they gave our team permission to have our students and teachers reenter the building on the opposite side to wait until we had the all clear to go back into our classrooms.

Leaders are bright lights for all to follow!

Photo explanations:

  1. As I hurried back and forth through the building, I quickly stopped to pause to take the first photo. The gym was nearly silent as one of our Fourth Grade teachers, @TStone_TS, was reading a story to 300 third through fifth grade students. WOW! I was in awe to see all of the students listening and Tammy just doing what is best for kids!
  2. The fire department left the building very close to our scheduled lunch bunch celebration. Our Assistant Principal, @JodiJordan_JJ , managed to work through our situation with our school district security and the fire department while simultaneously communicating to teachers and students that we were still going to have our celebration lunch. The room was prepared and ready with each student having his or her name written on butcher paper at a special spot. For the second photo, I asked everyone to pause.

Elliott Elementary is a special place. Students are first.

I am grateful to work alongside incredible people.

They Tried to Make Me Go to Vocab Rehab…I Said “Yes, Yes, Yes”

I am so glad I found this post! Vocabulary is so important!

The Wordy Teacher

So, I think I am officially addicted to these little ASCD ARIAS books.

With Common Core looming over us all, one of my main goals for this summer is finally establishing a vocabulary routine for my students that works.

My Requirements for Vocabulary Routine:

  • It cannot take up more than 30 minutes of in-class instruction time (including testing) per week
  • It has to be organic, but still organized
  • I want to do about 5 new words a week
  • It needs to go beyond the old define, make a sentence, match them routine
  • It needs to be something sustainable all year long
  • I can’t kill myself with grading
  • It has to be fun and educational

I honestly thought it was too much to ask for.

And then in comes this handy little book by Marilee Sprenger.

You may have seen my review of another ASCD ARIAS book The Five-Minute Teacher by Mark…

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