A Surprising Reflection

Our family had the opportunity to visit the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) bases in Tijuana and Ensenada last week. To say this was just an opportunity seems to minimize our experience… This was life changing as the missionaries and families with whom we connected have impacted our lives forever.  Our journey to Mexico began with YWAM inviting my husband to share his 10 Words art project. The focus of this incredible art is to share a modern version of the 10 Commandments.


We are grateful to our friend, Jorge Jimenez, at the YWAM Lakeside Base.  He has consistently encouraged Treg through the creation and sharing of this project. Thank you, Jimenez family, for your trusted friendship throughout the years and for leading us to this unforgettable experience!!!

A portion of this trip involved our family joining a Homes of Hope Building Team from Tennessee. This team was made up of amazing families who warmly welcomed us to be a part their adventure. As we began, our family was so excited to build a house for a family who desperately needed help. However, we quickly realized that the Garay family was truly helping us! It was a blessing to learn about the perspective of happiness this family maintained before, during, and after the home was built. Thank you YWAM for sharing God’s love over and over again!

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A little ocean relaxation after an amazing day!


Leadership and Collaboration #hedgeshappenings #hedgesfieldday #onefamily

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Today we had another successful annual Hedges Field Day! Each year our PE teacher, Karen Dunfee, works tirelessly to celebrate fitness with our school community. She organizes fun activity stations for our four-hundred students throughout our campus. This year she and our Flathead Braves football coach, Kyle Samson, collaborated to support our students with his incredible group of leaders!


Our students were very excited about the opportunity to work with real football players! These young men supported our students way beyond our expectations and exemplified our Hedges Guidelines for Success: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn! They were role models, motivators, and incredibly fun! Thank you Karen, Kyle, Brooke (Mrs. Samson had this amazing idea!) and the Flathead Braves Football Team for leading our students and creating a day they will positively remember forever!


The Miracle of Our Minds

I am inspired by the powerful messages shared in the video below.  This was the first email I read this morning as a Top Story: Classroom Habitudes by Angela Maier.

As I reflect on what is shared, I am empowered by the opportunities we have to team together and collaborate to lead our students’ towards increased success.  At Hedges School, we think about the problems we have differently… an opportunity to learn. We are committed to finding positive solutions to the challenges we face.  It takes a team and I am grateful for ours!

My Leadership Philosophy: my vision for my school

As a elementary school principal, I believe:

  • I have a moral obligation to lead and support educators within a school community to provide high quality instruction that enables ALL students to make significant academic and social achievement gains, regardless of socio-economic background and learning differences.
  • The foundation of a school’s success is collective trust, collaboration, and shared leadership among administration, staff, and parents who work as a team with a laser-like focus and passion for the academic and social success of each student.

At the heart of my leadership is establishing authentic relationships. The vision for my school consists of a collective pursuit of maintaining a healthy school culture that consists of:

  • Genuine collaborative relationships
  • Clear communication
  • Clarity and coherence with universal beliefs and expectations
  • Collectively striving to intentionally guide each of OUR students toward high levels of academic and personal success
  • A pure focus on student learning, allowing formative data to drive instructional and behavioral decision-making

Establishing trust is the foundation for measuring my success as a principal. As trust is maintained, the climate and the culture are positive and collaboration to achieve the vision of  “Learning for ALL…No excuses, No Limits!” is possible.#SAVMP