Action Packed Learning! #hedgeshappenings

4th grade students returned last night from an exciting field trip to Helena and Great Falls. Our 4th grade teachers organize an amazing two day field trip so their students have an opportunity to learn more about our Montana History! We are grateful for their dedication to action packed student learning! Check out a few photo highlights from their trip.

The Miracle of Our Minds

I am inspired by the powerful messages shared in the video below.  This was the first email I read this morning as a Top Story: Classroom Habitudes by Angela Maier.

As I reflect on what is shared, I am empowered by the opportunities we have to team together and collaborate to lead our students’ towards increased success.  At Hedges School, we think about the problems we have differently… an opportunity to learn. We are committed to finding positive solutions to the challenges we face.  It takes a team and I am grateful for ours!

High Trust Leadership: A Postive Paradigm Shift

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Denny McLoughlin’s High Trust Leadership training.  To say the least, the two days were entertaining, inspiring, and motivating… a positive paradigm shift. There were so many concepts taught and lessons learned that I will have to attend the training again to retain it all.  Below are just a few thoughts that have resonated with my leadership as a parent and as an elementary principal.

  • Everyone is motivated by their own ARFF
    • Achievement
    • Respect
    • Fun
    • Freedom
  • Students always come into school with success
  • Every time a student makes a mistake, we have the opportunity to teach…not punish
  • Teach students how to talk to each other
  • Modeling is teaching; telling is zero
  • Questions develop thinking; telling does nothing
  • Kids are on their way to more success
  • We have to choose to be positive and choose to go to solution
  • Healthy people go to solution, unhealthy people go to the problem
  • Put your energy and focus into the solution

This training was timely as our school is working on our vision statement.  We are still in the draft stage; however, I believe we are on the right path:

Our vision is to be a contagiously positive, collaborative, and mission-focused environment that engages in staff, student, and family relationships.  Together we uniquely lead all students to achieve high levels of learning beyond expectations.

My Leadership Philosophy: my vision for my school

As a elementary school principal, I believe:

  • I have a moral obligation to lead and support educators within a school community to provide high quality instruction that enables ALL students to make significant academic and social achievement gains, regardless of socio-economic background and learning differences.
  • The foundation of a school’s success is collective trust, collaboration, and shared leadership among administration, staff, and parents who work as a team with a laser-like focus and passion for the academic and social success of each student.

At the heart of my leadership is establishing authentic relationships. The vision for my school consists of a collective pursuit of maintaining a healthy school culture that consists of:

  • Genuine collaborative relationships
  • Clear communication
  • Clarity and coherence with universal beliefs and expectations
  • Collectively striving to intentionally guide each of OUR students toward high levels of academic and personal success
  • A pure focus on student learning, allowing formative data to drive instructional and behavioral decision-making

Establishing trust is the foundation for measuring my success as a principal. As trust is maintained, the climate and the culture are positive and collaboration to achieve the vision of  “Learning for ALL…No excuses, No Limits!” is possible.#SAVMP