A Surprising Reflection

Our family had the opportunity to visit the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) bases in Tijuana and Ensenada last week. To say this was just an opportunity seems to minimize our experience… This was life changing as the missionaries and families with whom we connected have impacted our lives forever.  Our journey to Mexico began with YWAM inviting my husband to share his 10 Words art project. The focus of this incredible art is to share a modern version of the 10 Commandments.


We are grateful to our friend, Jorge Jimenez, at the YWAM Lakeside Base.  He has consistently encouraged Treg through the creation and sharing of this project. Thank you, Jimenez family, for your trusted friendship throughout the years and for leading us to this unforgettable experience!!!

A portion of this trip involved our family joining a Homes of Hope Building Team from Tennessee. This team was made up of amazing families who warmly welcomed us to be a part their adventure. As we began, our family was so excited to build a house for a family who desperately needed help. However, we quickly realized that the Garay family was truly helping us! It was a blessing to learn about the perspective of happiness this family maintained before, during, and after the home was built. Thank you YWAM for sharing God’s love over and over again!

IMG_0074IMG_0061   IMG_0054

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A little ocean relaxation after an amazing day!



High Trust Leadership: A Postive Paradigm Shift

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Denny McLoughlin’s High Trust Leadership training.  To say the least, the two days were entertaining, inspiring, and motivating… a positive paradigm shift. There were so many concepts taught and lessons learned that I will have to attend the training again to retain it all.  Below are just a few thoughts that have resonated with my leadership as a parent and as an elementary principal.

  • Everyone is motivated by their own ARFF
    • Achievement
    • Respect
    • Fun
    • Freedom
  • Students always come into school with success
  • Every time a student makes a mistake, we have the opportunity to teach…not punish
  • Teach students how to talk to each other
  • Modeling is teaching; telling is zero
  • Questions develop thinking; telling does nothing
  • Kids are on their way to more success
  • We have to choose to be positive and choose to go to solution
  • Healthy people go to solution, unhealthy people go to the problem
  • Put your energy and focus into the solution

This training was timely as our school is working on our vision statement.  We are still in the draft stage; however, I believe we are on the right path:

Our vision is to be a contagiously positive, collaborative, and mission-focused environment that engages in staff, student, and family relationships.  Together we uniquely lead all students to achieve high levels of learning beyond expectations.